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Life Insurance – more than just an insurance policy.

In a recent article, they lay out their top 10 investing mistakes. The part of the article that caught my eye was on “Not Maximizing the Use Of Life Insurance.” What made this so interesting is how true it is when people typically discuss life insurance. Many people view life insurance as a tool that covers one purpose - [...]

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Temporary Plates – Illegal in MA – sometimes…

  There are many things that come up on a daily basis that create problems for our customers. Due to a lack of information and “unique” State Laws when we have a customer purchase a vehicle out of state and then drive it back into MA – without previously registering the vehicle in MA – they are driving illegally. Temporary [...]

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Social Media Risk: Your Employees

I’ll admit a guilty pleasure. I am on Facebook almost every day. I’ll get home, have dinner and then scan the news feed. Without fault, I’ll find something that could lead to a lawsuit. This is another emerging risk where the general public is for the most part uninformed of the potential personal injury risks that could lead to a [...]

Hire Right HR Products

  One of the questions we ask during our risk reduction clinic is if the firm who we are meeting with has made any poor hiring decisions over the past year. If answering honestly, many have. Even if they have not, we ask, why they haven’t been making efforts to replace their least productive employees. You may ask why an [...]


  BYOD? Now that an enormous percentage of employers allow employees to “Bring Your Own Device” a new exposure has emerged. This affects the workplace as company’s email and systems can be compromised with everyday actions of employees. Security issues are exposed when: An employee taps into an unsecure WIFI network Opens a Phishing Email Loses a device in a [...]

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Start an HR strategy in Q2

Zappos, Southwest and Costco - We all have heard of them and for a reason - they all have a reputation for “best of the best” human resources practices. Why not learn from their success by investing in, creating and developing better human resources policies for your business? If it was not identified in your annual strategic planning its not [...]