Why You Should Consider Storage Insurance

While many may consider themselves just a building owner, you are the “keeper of other people’s property”. Commercial General Liability (CGL) does not provide the protection to self storage facilities for damage done to unit renters property nor should the property be sold at auction.

  • Are you insured if a unit’s contents are sold in error? Only specifically written liability endorsements provide the financial protection to the facility. With the increased viewership of realty shows reflecting the auction process, it is not a surprise to see that claims have increased.
  • Did a unit owner actually have a Picasso painting sitting on a cement floor?
  • Would your coverage and limit be sufficient if they did?
  • Would your risk management program or insurance program provide the necessary defense in court?
Self Storage Facility Photo

The Deland, Gibson Difference

As for property coverage, the “cosmetic” look of a facilities roof may not be of great concern, so the property coverage rate can be tailored to address this. Our programs encompass both the standard insurance policies combined with our risk reduction plans. As every facility is different, so are the exposures and the plans we tailor.

Beyond coverage, we help institute workers’ safety and vendor management to minimize both the exposure and total cost of risk.