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Running a business is difficult. Ever-changing issues and a litigious society are reasons why you need a progressive partner in risk. Deland, Gibson helps clients of all size and exposures analyze their hazard, strategic and business risks. Deland, Gibson is suited to handle all types of commercial businesses.

We offer a broad range of risk financing options (traditional commercial insurance policies) along with many proprietary risk management programs and services to deal with the other aspects of managing risk: Transferring, Mitigating, Assuming and Avoiding.

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The Risk Reduction Plan

The Risk Reduction Plan is the most important aspect of controlling costs. Deland, Gibson works with clients to annually (or as often as necessary) identify, organize and address risk – to lower the Total Cost of Risk. Taking these steps and following through on a plan shows the dedication to risk that makes the underwriters take notice. We are able to leverage this when putting together your insurance program because underwriters do not often get the level of information that we will provide them.

The Risk Reduction Plan will address:

  • Strategic Risk – a threat to the value of the company
  • Business Risk – risks of the operations, policies and procedures
  • Hazard Risks – direct physical loss
  • Workforce Risk – return on human capital
By controlling all types of risks, the indirect costs of a risk are lessened. Some of the greatest costs of risk can end up being ones that you typically do not insure. Opportunity costs and reputational costs can be devastating to a company. These should be proactively managed and the Gibson Risk Improvement Planning is a leading edge process to protect firms from risk.

Insurance Program

You may be seeking traditional insurance such as:
  • General Liability
  • Umbrella
  • Directors and Officers
  • Employment Practices
  • Auto
  • Professional Liability / E&O
  • Property
  • Business Interruption
  • Cyber Products
Financing risk is an integral part of a risk management plan but utilizing other risk management techniques can go a long way – and not be as expensive. Inquire for more information about the Gibson Risk Improvement Planning.

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Deland, Gibson Risk Advisory Services
Gibson Risk Improvement Planning incorporates much more than merely insurance. Insurance is a way to finance risk which is only one piece of the risk pie. Assumption, Mitigation, Prevention and Transfer are the other components of risk management. These are the true components of risk management and our process: GRIP. Our risk management plans in corporate all aspects of risk management. We handle a large portion of the risk management at Deland, Gibson but often to defer aspects to third parties that we work closely with whom may be more of a specialist on a certain topic or arena.

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Some of the Risk Advisory Services We Offer:

After risk is identified, Risk Reduction Plans are prepared and implemented, custom fit for each client.
Know what you own and account for it.
Business continuity solutions to help keep your business running through catastrophic events.
Management Training for one of the most common claims.
Retail locations risk slip-and-fall incidents – create traction to lower the impact of claims on your property
Hold your hired contractors accountable so your insurance does not have to.
Bars and restaurants need to protect themselves from incidents due to unruly clientele.
No direction is an enormous strategic risk. Define your direction, and achieve more.
There is more to workers compensation than reporting payroll. This program takes advantage of some of the parts of workers compensation that you can control.
Return of Human Capital is essential to a profitable business. Audits, training, policies and procedures should be implemented to make your firm more profitable.
Templates and Ideas for the basics of Risk Management.
Programs implemented with fleets.
Internal and External data security consulting on policies, procedures, risk management and proactive measures to protect your firm.
Social Media Training and implementation, and Public Relations crisis management.

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