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Claims Resources

We are your advocate in this process and will take steps necessary to make sure you are correctly indemnified. Below are general instructions for claims.

Instructions for Specific Claim Types

Auto Accidents

Call our office or your insurance company direct to report the loss. We will give you information about the appraisal process. You will need the following information to assist us in reporting the loss:

  1. Your plate registration number
  2. Name, address, and telephone number of all drivers involved
  3. Name, address, and telephone number of any witnesses
  4. If you have a camera on hand, please take pictures of the scene, damage, and the parties involved.
  5. Complete and submit a Claim Notification Form
  6. Complete and submit a Crash Report

Please obtain a copy of the police report and complete the Crash Report. Forward both of these reports to our office.

Auto Glass Claims

Call our office to report the loss prior to replacing the glass in your automobile. We will give you information on the claims process and how to get it replaced.

Property Loss

  1. Secure the property to prevent any further damage i.e. put a tarp on the roof, board up the windows, etc.
  2. Take any applicable pictures.
  3. Call our office to report the loss: (781) 237-1515
  4. Complete and submit a Claim Notification Form

After Hours Claims

Certuse Adjustments

After Hours Phone Number: 978-445-0431
  1. Dial the above number
  2. Wait 2-3 beeps
  3. Enter the callback number followed by #
  4. Hang up and someone will be in touch shortly after to collect claim details