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The 1900 Club is for individuals and families that have complex personal risk exposures. Comprised of account managers as well as Risk Advisors to manage the client’s Total Cost of Risk, the 1900 Club also features complimentary registry service and a dedicated claims representative.

The features and strategy of this group are based on the Deland, Gibson Difference – DG’s risk reduction model. This model incorporates risk control strategies that allow you to spend less time with personal insurance and subsequent time-consuming activities – and more time enjoying life.

Our process focuses on your unique needs, lifestyle, and risk exposures. At our annual program continuation, you are guided through a series of questions that other agents simply do not ask. We dig into all areas of risk that can affect an individual or family, and then utilize proprietary solutions to reciprocate the risks identified in our risk identification clinic. We also have relationships with third parties that specialize in working with high net worth clients. These include: appraisers, specialty movers, home inspectors, personal risk control services, background check services, and more.


Membership consists of families and individuals that have unique and complex personal exposures including:

  • Homes (Domestic or Foreign)
  • Luxury Automobiles
  • Watercraft, Yacht or Mega Yacht
  • High Excess Liability Limits (Umbrella)
  • Aircraft
  • Jewelry, Fine Arts and other collectibles
  • Extensive travel
  • Green/Sustainable Home
  • Domestic Employee Checklist
  • Non-profit volunteering (Directors & Officers)

For a liability analysis regarding non-profit board service as well as other personal liability questions review the following piece:

Download the Insurance Reference Guide for Trusted Advisors PDF

A significant difference between a standard insurance policy form and a company that specifically focuses on the High Net Worth is the detail within the policy form. A standard policy form is not going to grant you the same coverage components as one manuscripted for the High Net Worth. The differences are explained in the following White Paper:

Download the High Net Worth Individuals vs. Personal Insurance PDF

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