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On the right hand side of the receptionist area in between a couple of chairs sits something understated yet very meaningful to Deland, Gibson Insurance Associates.

It is a plaque signifying DG’s 25 year commitment to The Wellesley Townsman’s: Athlete of the Week.

Growing up in Wellesley I always read the AOTW section and longed for the day that I might have the opportunity to be selected. When I reached the high school ranks, my educational career took a different direction from Wellesley High School and the closest I came to the AOTW was attending the awards banquet in 1999. My father has always handed out the awards and he let me tag along. Local Olympic speed skater and Silver Medalist, Eric Flaim, was the speaker and many of my friends were in attendance. (I am proud to say, a few years later, my little sister Lydia Gibson, was a two time selection winning for field and ice hockey!)

While I feel really old these days when I read weekly updates of successful WHS student-athletes, I am proud that DG is a continued advocate of this tradition.

Chip Gibson


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