Don’t let us say: WE TOLD YOU SO!

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When most people think about car insurance, it’s the cost of vehicle repair, medical bills, or their own liability that strikes a chord. What many tend to overlook is the need for their car in the first place! If your car is in the shop getting fixed how are you going to get around?

After an accident, most people assume that they already have rental car coverage, when in fact many do not.

Other than the obvious convenience, the best part about substitution transportation coverage is how affordable it is. Coverage limits of $30 a day provided for thirty days is about $60 a year which is coverage that should pay for itself in the event of a covered claim.

It is highly recommended for those who use their car to commute to work! And its not merely limited to a rental car – it can also cover the costs of bus and rail transportation as well as cab fares.

We recently polled the claims department and asked what the most overlooked coverage was – they unanimously answered – substitute transportation…

Don’t let us say: WE TOLD YOU SO!

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