Kids Off to College? Time to ask Questions about Insurance

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This time of year can be very stressful for one particular group of parents. When you’re son or daughter heads off to college for the first time it’s natural to worry.

You can get some peace of mind by making sure you have the appropriate insurance coverage to protect them on their first steps toward adult life. To ensure they’re protected, there are questions about insurance you’ll need to ask.

Does my Property Insurance Coverage Extend to Student Accommodation?

Watching your child load up the car to move away to college can be upsetting for a parent. It can also be surprising watching the amount of high value items they load into that car. Depending on where they’re going to live, on or off campus; you may need to get extra coverage.

The most common questions about insurance are about coverage and it’s important you understand the level of property coverage included in your policy. Check with your provider if your coverage will extend to your child’s student accommodation. With so much risk to a student’s property, it may be the most important question about insurance you ever ask.

Do I have enough Health Insurance?

The most important thing for most parents is their children’s health, so it’s important that you have the right insurance to protect it. As with your property insurance, your own health coverage should still cover them while they’re away. It will depend on the policy though. So it is important to check with your agent or provider

Do they need new Auto Insurance?

People ask questions about insurance for many different reasons, but they always put them off until the last minute. When it comes to cars, the first time people ask questions about insurance is when they need to make a claim. That’s even more common with young drivers. If your child is leaving the state to go to college, it’s important you find out the requirements for insurance in their new location and assess whether you can keep their car on your policy. Don’t wait until it’s too late to find out.

These basic insurance coverages may not be the first thing on your mind while your son or daughter prepares for college. But the answers to these questions about insurance could be vital in ensuring they have a safe and happy college life.

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