Juice Reboot? How About an Insurance Reboot!

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I recently watched the movie “Fat, Sick and nearly dead” the protagonist Joe Cross documents himself and his diet before and after a health “reboot” which consisted of drinking only fruit and vegetable juice for 2 months straight with no other food! While this is a pretty extreme diet change it convinced me to buy a juicer and supplement my life with more micronutrients.


I thought about the analogy to how people view risk in their lives.


Much like one’s health most people do not value a proper insurance and risk management plan until something has happened to them personally. When I speak with people about risk I hope to open them to the ways their firm and their personal lives can be affected without the proper planning for risk.


So as I recently have planned a “reboot” for a goal within the year, I hope you can do the same with your insurance and risk management plan by sitting down with a Deland, Gibson Risk Advisor.

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