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We often field questions about trees and how they are covered. They could be on a neighbors property threatening your home or vice versa. They can also be on your property and cause damage to something, or not hit anything at all – every situation is unique and handled differently. The Independent Agent Magazine highlighted this risk and summed up the common insurance form. (Please note – you will have to review your policy as each company has different parameters for coverage – please call Deland, Gibson to confirm the exact coverage you have.) Generally speaking this is how trees are covered:


Trees are covered as property only if damaged by fire, lightning, explosion, riot or civil commotion, aircraft, vehicles not owned or operated by a resident of the “residence premises,” and vandalism or malicious mischief or theft. There is a per tree sublimit, with an aggregate limit based on a percentage of Coverage A.


For trees damaged by one of the seven perils, this sublimit includes debris removal expenses. An additional 5% of that limit is available for additional debris removal.


For trees damaged by other perils such as windstorm, the policy pays another sublimit so long as the tree damages a covered structure or blocks a driveway or handicap assist ramp. If a tree simply is blown down in the yard, nothing is payable for debris removal.


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