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The below video link has a lot of truth to is but the bottom line is that the people involved certainly  did not have an insurance agent like Deland, Gibson at their side to help with the insurance company / pet clash.

Yes, most insurance companies do have a list of dogs that if a household owns, they will not write insurance for. It is not a slight against your dog if your dog is on the list, it is merely a list they have accumulated from their loss data. Dog bites consist of 66% of all insurance homeowner liability claims. The reality of insurance (outside of government insurance programs) is that they exist to make money. Because of this companies are going to be very careful when issuing policies, especially to those their actuary data says may give them a higher chance of loss.

The most important thing is to make sure that your insurance agent knows that you have a dog on the property. If your agent does not know, and you did not check the box on the application – if there is a dog bite claim, you will probably be paying for it out of your own pocket as the insurance company will not pay claiming you misrepresented your insurance application.

DG will add value to your homeowners set up as we know the companies, their appetites and will be able to assist you to insure your home WITH your dog!

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