IT Security – Are Your Employees Sidestepping Security?

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sticky-notes-it-securityIn business, we hope that our employees are looking for opportunities to minimize wasted time, be the most productive, and do their best work as efficiently as possible. However, workarounds done in the name of efficiency could be your business’ future security issue.

This interesting article from Data on the Edge, 5 Ways Your Employees Sidestep Information Security Policies, highlights the timesavers your employees are no doubt using – from Post-It-Note passwords to transferring documents outside the secure network – and how these little “tricks” could in fact open the door to hackers and stolen data.

5 ways your employees sidestep information security policies


A good employee finds ways to overcome roadblocks and get the job done. But in the case of enterprise IT security, good employees may be your biggest threat. In fact, a recent Dell surveyfound that nearly seventy percent of IT professionals believe employee workarounds are the greatest risk to their organizations’ security…

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