Retaining Top Talent – Finding Stars in the Stars

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There is a great line in the movie Hidden Figures when Al Harrison’s character played by Kevin Costner says to Paul Stafford’s character, played by Jim Parsons, “Do you know what your job is Paul?  It’s too find the stars in the stars.”  It’s a great line and very appropriate to consider when retaining talent in your organization.

The Total Cost of Losing a Key Employee

As the labor market continues to become more challenging as the economy continues to improve, developing an initiative to retain talent will be paramount for your business or organization to compete in your marketplace.  Have you calculated the total cost associated with losing a key employee?  A thoughtful retention strategy will mitigate this risk.  For help about developing a plan to manage this risk, please contact a representative at Deland Gibson Insurance Associates.

We Can Help

Deland Gibson Insurance Associates helps clients lower their total cost of risk.  Those risks are, workforce, business, hazard & strategic.

Providing Peace of Mind Through Proactive Service

Deland, Gibson: a Trusted Choice, Five Star Accredited independent insurance agency. Established in Massachusetts in 1900, Deland, Gibson is a 4th generation family-run insurance agency that has thrived working as a trusted advisor for its client base. We work with individuals and businesses to lower their Total Cost of Risk. We analyze a client’s direct and indirect costs and implement risk reduction plans to address areas of business, hazard, or strategic risk.

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