Pure Starling Fraud & Cyber Fraud coverage

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Our Partner Company, Pure Insurance, has created an innovative policy option in response to the emerging risk of cyber crime. You hear about Target and Equifax but many families and individuals are at risk for losing assets via cyber crime. Here is an outline of “Pure StarlingTM Fraud & Cyber Fraud Coverage”, which can be added to your Pure Homeowners policy.


Online & Offline Fraud

Our policy provides coverage for:
– Direct financial loss. The amount fraudulently taken from the insured.

Losses covered include:
– The forgery or alteration of checks or negotiable instrument.
– Unauthorized use of card, or account number to take money from an insured’s account.
– Criminal deception of an insured to induce the insured to part voluntarily with something of value.
– Criminal deception of an insureds authorized representative to induce insureds authorized representative to part voluntarily with something of value.

Notable Exclusions:
– Any occurrence between an extended ‘family member’.
– Any interest, time value or potential investment gain.

Cyber Extortion

Our policy provides coverage for:
– Crisis Management Advice. The cost of subject matter assistance to deal with the threat.
– Extortion Payment. The payment as directed by the extortion threat.

Losses covered include:
– A demand for money based on a threat to damage, disable, deny access to or disseminate content from a device.

Notable Exclusions:
– Payments must be approved in advance unless the timing of the threat makes notification unreasonable and the loss would have otherwise been covered.

System Attack

Our policy provides coverage for:
– System clean up. Cost of a professional to reinstall software, remove malicious code and reconfigure the device or system.
– Data restoration. Cost of a professional firm to replace electronic data that has been lost or corrupted.

Losses covered include:
– A malware attack or unauthorized use of or access to a computer or connected home device.

Providing Peace of Mind Through Proactive Service

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