Get to know Eric Bucci – New Client Account Manager

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Get to know Eric Bucci:

What excites you about working at Deland, Gibson?

Getting to work in an environment with great people while making sure our clients are properly protected with the right coverage.

What is your favorite aspect of the Insurance industry?

My favorite aspect of the insurance industry would be the variety of policies and coverages offered across the different areas of the industry. Working to familiarize myself with the specifics is a focus of mine.

What is your favorite professional sport to follow? Why?

My favorite professional sport to follow is baseball. I played baseball growing up and love the strategy involved in the game. I have also been patiently waiting for the Mets to win the World Series my whole life

What is your favorite travel destination?

The Grand Canyon. It is an amazing place with so many different spots to enjoy it. The last time I was there I did a 10-mile round trip hike to Indian Garden and was able to see the Canyon from down below for the first time.

Who inspires you the most?

My grandparents inspire me the most. They emigrated from Europe to America in their 20s without being able to speak any English. Despite that challenge, they were able to successfully establish a life in America. I have always looked up to their perseverance.


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