Pandemic and Epidemic Coverage

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COVID-19 brought Business Interruption Insurance (BII) to the forefront of the insurance marketplace. Unfortunately, because of policy language and insurance minutia, no coverage was triggered. This brought legislative threats, bad PR and general negative thoughts to the casual insurance buyer.

Finally, the industry is responding. Options are coming out that will insure future pandemics like COVID-19.

For example, One80 Intermediaries has officially launched a “Pandemic Protector” coverage for future Pandemic and Epidemic outbreaks. This product offers:

  • Competitive pricing
  • Non-damage business interruption insurance for loss of gross profit due to future outbreaks
  • Coverage for outbreaks of unknown, newly emerging viral diseases like ebola and coronavirus
  • Coverage for varians of influenza, such as swine flu or Avian flue is also available

The bespoke policy follows a flexible definition of the epidemic triggers to meet the needs of the insured. It provides access to specialized epidemic risk management experts that will assist with outbreak mitigation and preparation.

More options are being developed and other companies are working with the government to set up a public / private solution that could be much more widely adopted and allow for greater protection for all businesses. This is similar to the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act that was created after 9/11.

We will advise when more information is made available as this is still developing.

Hear from Chip Gibson, CEO Deland, Gibson, about the topic in this video.

For more information, reach out to D,G at or 781-237-1515.

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