Commercial Marine Insurance; Our Specialty!

DG specializes in all commercial marine aspects based on our maritime experience within the industry to custom tailor programs specifically designed for:

  • Boat Dealers
  • Shipyards & Boat Builders
  • Yacht Clubs
  • Marine Artisans
  • Charter Fishing:  Deep Sea Fishing, Head Boats, 6-Pack Packages
  • Marina & Boatyards: Marinas & Boatyards of all sizes to cover all the facilities needs from Piers, Wharves & Docks, MOLL to Crew Coverage and Sudden & Accidental Pollution.
  • Passenger & Ferry Vessels: Whale Watch Vessels, Party Boats, Drifting Fishing Vessels, Water Taxis, Sight-Seeing Charters
  • Houseboat & Boat Rentals: Rental Boat Fleets along with Houseboat B & B Packages
  • Tug & Barge Operations: Full service Marine Support Programs along with coverage for Rental Equipment

While it has been proved that maritime law can largely differ from state laws, our expertise and knowledge of the unique exposures with the marine industry is how we at DG differentiate ourselves from the traditional agencies. We have created customized solutions based on our unique process, the Deland Gibson Difference. This program allows us to analyze each client’s total cost of risk through the design and implementation of our Risk Reduction Plan.

Commercial Marine Insurance
Examples outside of traditional insurance risks include:

  • Certificate Management
  • Property Inventory Plan
  • Captain & Crew Screenings
  • Loss Control Services
  • Slip & Fall Training
  • Workers Comp Analysis
  • MSGP Compliance
Contact us today for an evaluation on all your commercial marine needs and how we can work to make your business more profitable.