DG specializes in all commercial marine aspects based on our maritime experience within the industry to custom tailor programs specifically designed for:
  • Boat Dealers, Shipyards & Boat Builders, Yacht Clubs, Marine Artisans
  • Charter Fishing: Deep Sea Fishing, Head Boats, 6-Pack Package
  • Marina & Boatyards: Marinas & Boatyards of all sizes to cover all the facilities needs from Piers, Wharves & Docks, MOLL to Crew Coverage and Sudden & Accidental Pollution.
  • Passenger & Ferry Vessels: Whale Watch Vessels, Party Boats, Drifting Fishing Vessels, Water Taxis, Sight-Seeing Charters
  • Houseboat & Boat Rentals: Rental Boat Fleets along with Houseboat B & B Packages
  • Tug & Barge Operations: Full service Marine Support Programs along with coverage for Rental Equipment
Examples outside of traditional insurance risks include:
  • Certificate Management
  • Property Inventory Plan
  • Captain & Crew Screenings
  • Loss Control Services
  • Slip & Fall Training
  • Workers Comp Analysis
  • MSGP Compliance

Contact us for an evaluation of your commercial marine needs.